Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

About Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is a web-based interface utilized by agencies and boards to send frequent large-scale communications, track responses, rates for analytics, and improve overall outreach. This service is currently provided through SendGrid.

What problems it solves

Email marketing services aim to improve low delivery rates, low open rates, low click rates, high unsubscribe rates, high spam complaints, low active ratios, and limited post-click activity.

What the Service provides
  • A web-based interface used to send high volumes of emails to contacts
  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) relay
  • Features:
    • Subscriber email management
    • Capability for consumers to opt-in or opt-out of emails
    • Sign-up form templates
    • Template creation
    • Email delivery scheduling
    • Email delivery reporting
    • Send emails to up to 5,000 contacts and contains all the other features
    • Or send up to 5,000 messages and contains all the other features
    • A Dedicated IP address is also available for an additional charge
Benefits of this Service
  • Email marketing service provides a secure and accessible platform for large-scale communications and overall outreach.


Billing Unit: Acct/Monthly
Billing Code: 5595


Eligible Customers
  • All State Agencies, Boards and Commissions
Service Prerequisites
  • N/A
Scope of Service
  • ASET Responsibilities:
    • Set up accounts and configure any special security for each account per customer request
    • Troubleshoot issues with the application
    • Notify customer of any outage or interruption of service
    • Engage application vendor to resolve issues as required
  • Customer Responsibilities:
    • Ensure use is related to official state business
    • Request assistance or support via the ServiceNow Customer portal. Click on ADOA-ASET Service Desk. Select Server then Email Marketing.
    • If you would like to add or decommission a service, please submit a service ticket via the ServiceNow Customer portal. Click on ADOA-ASET Service Desk and then select the appropriate service.
    • Pay all fees associated with this service
  • Shared Responsibilities:
    • Coordinate testing and troubleshooting schedules for issues, system or application software upgrades
Service Commitment
  • Response Time: 24 - 48 hours (depending on severity)
  • Resolution Time: Dependent on issue
  • Support Time: 8AM - 5PM Monday - Friday
How to order this Service

To order this service or for any questions related to it, please reach out to your Engagement Manager or submit a request using our Contact form (select Subject "Engagement Management").