Cloud Operations

Shared File Server

About Shared File Server The Shared File Server service is a low-cost solution for customers that want their data in a secure, managed environment. Customers on the Shared File Server are separated both logically and physically. Each customer will have their own data space that is only accessible by

Virtual Storage

About Virtual Storage Virtual Storage provides agencies with a solution to add additional storage to existing virtual machines. This service is built on the most up-to-date disk technology, which provides fast response times while sustaining large numbers of data transfers. What problems it solves

Enterprise Compute

About Enterprise Compute The Enterprise Compute service enables ASET to consolidate four services into one. CPU, Memory, OS License, and base storage for virtual machines (VMs) are now known collectively as Enterprise Compute. What problems it solves The four services consolidated as a single

System Backup

About System Backup System backup is a solution for backing up server OS (Operating Systems) and data in the event the OS or data becomes corrupted, lost, or deleted and needs to be restored. In the event of system data loss, the backup process duplicates state files and data of the current computer

AWS Cloud Consumption

About Service Name Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, offering over 200 fully featured services from elastic compute, web services, analytics, AI, machine learning, storage and networking via a number of data centers spread around the globe. ASET

Azure Cloud Consumption

About Service Name Microsoft's Azure public cloud computing platform provides a broad range of cloud services, including compute, web services, analytics, AI, machine learning, storage and networking. ASET currently uses Azure cloud to lower our infrastructure and application costs, become more

GCP Cloud Consumption

About Service Name GCP is a public cloud vendor that offers a suite of computing services that do everything from virtual machines, data management, delivering web and video services over the web to AI and machine learning tools. ASET currently supports agencies who use GCP cloud to lower our