Cyber Resources for Local and Tribal Governments
Cyber Resources for Local and Tribal Governments

Cyber Resources for Local and Tribal Governments

The State of Arizona has been awarded grant funding to provide cyber resources to local and tribal government entities in Arizona. Available resources currently include: 

  • Anti-Phishing / Security Awareness Training (SAT)
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)

To provide these resources, the State is reaching out to local and tribal government entities that do not currently utilize one or more of the resources listed above. Priority will be given to smaller and less-resourced organizations in the order of when requests are received.

Grant Program Volunteering

The ongoing successful administration of the program is dependent upon the generous support of volunteers from government agencies. Those who are willing to give time in support of the program are strongly encouraged to complete the Volunteer Form. If you have been or are currently a liaison and wish to continue serving in this capacity, please complete the volunteer form once again for our records.

Volunteer responsibilities include communicating with assigned organizations, assisting them with product implementation, and helping answer questions. The estimated time commitment per volunteer/agency is 2-8 hours (for initial implementation of a product). After initial implementation, there should be minimal impact to the volunteer’s time for the grant year - A small commitment yielding great benefits.

Grant Town Hall Meetings

To learn more about this year’s grant program, the State of Arizona is offering virtual Town Hall meetings (November 10, 2021, @ 1 pm and December 6, 2021, @ 1 pm) to review the grant program and provide organizations the opportunity to get more information and ask questions. For those who wish to attend one of the Town Hall meetings, please complete the Townhall Invite Request Form.

Town Hall Meeting (11/10/2021)

Available Cyber Grant Products

Please view the descriptions of each available cyber grant product and the FAQs document for additional reference.

Grant Participation

For organizations that wish to participate in the grant program, please complete the Arizona Local & Tribal Governments Cybersecurity Grant Participation Request Form.

If you would like to provide feedback regarding the Grant program and your experience, please utilize our Customer Feedback Survey. This information is used to help identify room for improvement and our strategies moving forward. Thank you.