Online Services

Web Portal Application

About Web Portal Application The Web Portal is a service that focuses on providing enterprise-wide applications and services that can solve problems faced by all state agencies. Through a unique funding model, the Web Portal is able to underwrite the costs associated with developing, hosting, and

Online Payment Processing

About Online Payment Processing Online Payment Processing is a modern and intuitive tool, allowing customers to make payments at any time from anywhere. This eliminates wait times for processing or mailing checks, ensuring that transactions are secure and card information is encrypted. Existing

Agency Platform Website

About Agency Platform Website The Agency Platform delivers a streamlined, secure, and well-developed website for state agencies. Out of the box, the Agency Platform allows content creators to easily add informative and relevant content. Agency Platform Websites is a shared service to help Arizona

Domain Name Approval

About Domain Name Approval For an agency launching a new website, Domain name approval enables the use of an domain. To preserve the integrity of the namespace, domains are limited to Arizona government organizations at the state and local level. To qualify for an domain

Simple Payment Website

About Simple Payment Website Agency Platform offers state agencies websites that connect to the Secure Checkout Service for online payments. The Agency Platform team works with the Web Portal team in setting up a user-friendly website that is capable of handling credit card and ACH payments for

Multimedia Image Service

About Multimedia Image Service is a collection of images owned by, created for, or licensed for use by the State of Arizona. A variety of media repositories enable users to locate photos, icons, logos, and more to use for Official State of Arizona website projects. Images belonging

Website Quality Assurance Monitoring

About Website Quality Assurance Monitoring The ADOA-ASET Digital Government team provides access to a Website Quality Assurance Monitoring service for all agencies with websites on the Agency Platform. What problems it solves It is common for websites to contain errors or fail to fully conform to

Arizona Public Meetings Account

About Service Name Arizona Public Meetings ( is a centralized location for state agencies, boards, and commissions to provide notice of their public meetings. The site allows the public to search listings for public body meeting dates, times, and locations. The ADOA-ASET