Domain Name Approval

Domain Name Approval

About Domain Name Approval

For an agency launching a new website, Domain name approval enables the use of an domain. To preserve the integrity of the namespace, domains are limited to Arizona government organizations at the state and local level.

To qualify for an domain, the requirement is to be either 1) a state governmental entity/program, city or township represented by an elected body of officials or 2) a county or parish represented by an elected body of officials.

Registrations for an domain must comply with the ADOA-ASET Policies and Procedures:

P1310 - Domain Naming Policy
S1310 - Domain Naming Standard

What problems it solves

Provides a valid a domain name for users to access a governmental agency's online applications or websites.

What the Service provides
  • The service provides an subdomain name and all the prestige that goes with it.
Benefits of this Service
  • Websites with a .gov domain are easier to identify. Using a .gov domain signals trust and credibility while showing that content is official and giving users confidence that the emails they receive from a particular domain are genuine.


Billing Unit: N/A
Billing Code: N/A (Service is not billed by ASET due to funding from other sources)


Eligible Customers
  • All State, City, County, and Governmental agencies in Arizona
Service Prerequisites
  • An Registration Authorization letter submitted in the applicable template and signed by one of the acceptable signatories (as defined below):
    • State Authorization: For State Agencies and State Programs, ADOA-ASET will accept authorization from the Director or the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of a State Agency or the Domain Name Administrator with appointed authority from the State Agency.
    • City Authorization: For cities and townships, ASET will accept authorization from the mayor (or equivalent official) or highest-ranking information technology (IT) official with an appointed authority from the mayor.
    • County Authorization: For counties and parishes, ASET will accept authorization from County Commissioners (or equivalent officials) or the highest-ranking IT official with appointed authority from the County Commissioner.
    • Letter Template: To request an domain name, please instruct your authorized official to submit a letter authorizing the use of the requested domain name. This letter should be written on agency letterhead using the template provided below. To expedite the processing of your request, please use the appropriate letter template.
    • Authorization letters should be submitted via the ServiceNow Customer portal. Click on ASET Service Desk. Select I Need Help.
Scope of Service
  • ASET Responsibilities:
    • Reviewing and approving domain names that are in compliance with State policies.
    • Submitting approved requests to the DotGov portal.
  • Customer Responsibilities:
    • Provide information identified in the above Service Prerequisites.
    • Request assistance or support via the ServiceNow Customer portal. Click on ADOA-ASET Service Desk. Select I Need Help.
    • If you would like to add or decommission a service, please submit a service ticket via the ServiceNow Customer portal. Click on ADOA-ASET Service Desk and then select the appropriate service.
    • Completing annual verification and payments for requested domain names through the DotGov portal.
  • Shared Responsibilities:
    • Releasing domain names that are no longer needed.
Service Commitment
  • Our goal is to have an incident assigned to someone within 4 business hours of the ticket being created within the system and have the incident resolved (or a path to resolution documented and communicated to the customer) within two business days.
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How to order this Service

To order this service or for any questions related to it, please reach out to your Engagement Manager or submit a request using our Contact form (select Subject "Engagement Management").