Server Technician

Server Technician

About Server Technician

This service provides agencies with server technicians at an hourly rate to handle tasks related to technical support for servers and operating systems. Server technicians help manage data center hardware by providing a total diagnosis and repair on hardware issues and help provide technical support to follow up on inquiries and issues on agency system servers.

What problems it solves

Provides a professional for technical support to solve issues involving agency system servers and fiber cabling testing and cross connects.

What the Service provides
  • Qualified server technicians to handle tasks as required, including but not limited to:
    • Installations
    • Maintenance
    • Server patches and remediation
    • Troubleshooting
    • Server Operating System Upgrades
  • Data Center Technician
    • A cable technician will ensure all fiber/copper cables installed throughout the State facilities' fiber optic connections are thoroughly cleaned before connecting to any server or network devices and properly grounding per manufacturer specifications
      • Fiber testing using an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) on agency cages and modulars
      • Cross Connects to agency cages and modulars
      • Fiber end face testing patching and labeling
Benefits of this Service
  • A properly maintained and supported server for maximum performance
  • The convenience of an expert technician at an agency or board’s disposal
  • Reliable support by experts
  • Helps prevent interruptions in servers and fiber optic infrastructure


Billing Unit: Hour
Billing Code: 5721


Eligible Customers
  • Any Agency needing system administration or cloud migrations support for any system not currently under ADOA Managed Services support.
Service Prerequisites
  • Completed review and approval with ASET Engagement Management & Cloud/DC Infrastructure Teams.
Scope of Service
  • ASET will provide the necessary support on any approved service being requested that the team has agreed to provide and can deliver successfully to the agency.
  • Customers can request assistance or support via the ServiceNow Customer portal. Click on ADOA-ASET Service Desk. Select Server then Server Support T&M.
  • If you would like to add or decommission a service, please submit a service ticket via the ServiceNow Customer portal. Click on ADOA-ASET Service Desk and then select the appropriate service.
Service Commitment
  • Response Time: 24 - 72 hours (depending on severity)
  • Resolution Time: Dependent on issue
  • Support Time: 8AM - 5PM Monday - Friday
Tenant Roles and Responsibilities
  • Data and Application Management: Manage and maintain data, applications, and configurations within the cloud service. This includes creating, configuring, and updating services as needed.
  • Scalability and Resource Management: Adjust resources (compute, storage, etc.) based on usage and scalability needs. Monitor resource utilization and optimize configurations for cost efficiency.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: Plan and implement disaster recovery and business continuity strategies. Understand the cloud provider's disaster recovery options and take necessary precautions.
Hosted IT Roles and Responsibilities
  • Server and OS Management: Install, configure, and manage operating systems on servers. Handle server maintenance, patching, and updates.
  • IT Staffing: Employ IT personnel to handle infrastructure management, network administration, and support roles.
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How to order this Service

To order this service or for any questions related to it, please reach out to your Engagement Manager or submit a request using our Contact form (select Subject "Engagement Management").