Web Content Filtering (WCF)

Web Content Filtering (WCF)

About Web Content Filtering (WCF)

Web Content Filtering helps protect users from accessing websites known to pose security risks and can also be used to control the web-based content a user can access. Provides the ability to block content by category or specific websites containing material inappropriate for the workplace or malicious content.

What problems it solves

Hacking, phishing, viruses, and malware are some of the biggest threats to the State. Almost all of these rely on accessing outside web-based resources either through phishing links, or downloading malware. Web content filtering has a multitude of benefits for both individual users and agencies by protecting users from inappropriate content, blocking malware and phishing sites, protecting against infected ad networks and web-based exploits, and provides enhanced reports on user browsing activity.

Benefits of this Service
  • Blocks traffic to malicious websites including malware downloads
  • Protect users from accessing inappropriate or illegal content
  • Increased network bandwidth efficiencies through caching
  • Generate enhanced reports on user browsing activity
How ADOA-ASET Supports this Service

ADOA-ASET provides operational support for their customers through installation of this service on all managed workstations and servers.

For more information, go to the Web Content Filtering (WCF) webpage on the State of Arizona Department of Homeland Security website.