Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP)

Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP)

About Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP)

Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) is a software solution that provides next-generation protection of endpoints through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify malware.

What problems it solves

Security breaches are costly and adopting security controls as a preventative measure results in a significant cost savings/avoidance. In the event of a security breach, measures are in place to identify and respond to the threat as quickly as possible, reducing potential damage.

Benefits of this Service
  • Advanced protection from modern threats
  • No additional cost to agencies, freeing up agency IT and Security budget for other solutions
How ADOA-ASET Supports this Service

ADOA-ASET provides operational support for their customers through installation of this service on all managed workstations and servers.

For more information, go to the Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) webpage on the State of Arizona Department of Homeland Security website.