About Anti-Phishing

This service provides the capability for an agency security team to conduct simulated phishing attacks against their employees, or have them conducted by Cyber Command. This involves sending emails that mimic real phishing attempts as seen by outside threats. Employees who click on any links or open any attachments are notified that they failed to recognize the simulated phishing attempt and are directed to additional Security Awareness Training. Run reports and track trends for enhanced visibility into the potential risks that phishing may pose across your agency.

What problems it solves

More than 90% of successful hacks and data breaches start with phishing scams. Phishing is a threat to every organization across the globe, including the State of Arizona. These simulated attack campaigns help train employees to recognize phishing attempts, enabling a first line of defense to prevent genuine phishing emails from causing security incidents and breaches within the State.

Benefits of this Service
  • Establish a culture of security within your agency
  • Train employees to recognize real phishing attacks
  • Provides a mechanism to report genuine phishing attacks
How ADOA-ASET Supports this Service

ADOA-ASET provides operational support for their customers through installation of this service on all managed workstations and servers.

For more information, go to the Anti-Phishing webpage on the State of Arizona Department of Homeland Security website.