Security Awareness Training (SAT)

Security Awareness Training (SAT)

About Security Awareness Training (SAT)

Security Awareness Training (SAT) features user-friendly online training courses that cover the latest cybersecurity best practices to educate employees on how to keep state data and devices safe. This training is mandatory for all state employees and must be completed annually.

What problems it solves

Employees are frequently exposed to sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks, and security awareness training helps them to identify when they are targets of these attacks and how to avoid becoming victims.

Benefits of this Service
  • Decreased security incidents and breaches through increased user awareness of phishing scams and other user-targeted attacks
  • Supports a culture of security within your organization
How ADOA-ASET Supports this Service

ADOA-ASET provides operational support for their customers through installation of this service on all managed workstations and servers.

For more information, go to the Security Awareness Training (SAT) webpage on the State of Arizona Department of Homeland Security website.