Mainframe Non-Prime

Mainframe Non-Prime

About Mainframe Non-Prime

Mainframe Non-Prime covers Hosted mainframe CPU utilization occurring between 5:00 PM and 7:00 AM on regular business days. All weekends and Holidays are considered Non-Prime. This service is currently provided through Z Cloud.

The Mainframe CPU utilization covers various processing workloads on the Mainframe. Those workload types offered on the Hosted Mainframe include: CICS Processing, IMS/DC Processing, Batch Processing, CA/Datacom, TSO Processing, and DB/2.

Mainframe Prime and Non-Prime represent windows of time that are used to determine rates applied to specific services.

What the Service provides
  • Allows for agency designed applications to be run on the Hosted Mainframe and for the agency to choose the time-of-day and rate that best suits their business need. This allows agencies to fulfill their agency specific business missions on an operational day to day basis.
Benefits of this Service
  • The Hosted Mainframe boasts multiple benefits such as low maintenance through Hosted infrastructure operations, a state of the art processor, and Business Continuity in case of Disaster.


Billing Unit: CPU Hour
Billing Codes: 3207 TSO, 3220 CICS (Non-Prime), 3221 Batch (Non-Prime), 3222 IMS (Non-Prime), 3224 Datacom (Non-Prime), 3228 DB/2 (Non-Prime)


Eligible Customers
  • No new customers accepted
Service Prerequisites
  • N/A
Scope of Service
  • Kyndryl (formerly IBM), under the management of ASET, provides the total operations and maintenance of the Hosted Mainframe environment. Customer manages and operates individual agency designed business applications and processes.
  • Customers can request assistance or support from Kyndryl via phone at (855) 300-5067 or email at [email protected].
  • If you would like to add or decommission a service, please submit a service ticket via the ServiceNow Customer portal. Click on ADOA-ASET Service Desk and then select the appropriate service.
Service Commitment
  • Support hours are 24x7x365 availability
  • Disaster Recovery
    • Recovery Time Objective of 8 hours
    • Recovery Point Objective of 1 hour
Related Services
  • TSO Processing
  • CICS Processing
  • Batch Processing
  • IMS/DC Processing
  • CA/Datacom
  • DB/2
How to order this Service

To order this service or for any questions related to it, please reach out to your Engagement Manager or submit a request using our Contact form (select Subject "Engagement Management").