ASET Supplier Purchasing Services (Pass Through)

ASET Supplier Purchasing Services (Pass Through)

About ASET Supplier Purchasing Services (Pass Through)

ASET Supplier Purchasing Services (Pass Through) allows departments, boards, or agencies to utilize ASET to submit purchase orders for software and/or licensing needs through a reseller. The cost of the software or license, in addition to a small fee, is charged to the agency on the next ASET Invoice.

What problems it solves

Pass Through services allow agencies to utilize ASET’s renewal team to conveniently procure software or licensing.

What the Service provides
  • A formal quote from ASET
  • Notification of the status of the purchase
  • Notification of software expiration (if applicable)
Benefits of this Service
  • An agency does not need to utilize its own internal resources
  • Notifications are sent by ASET whenever the software or license requires renewal

Billing Unit:  % of the total
Billing Code:  06xx (actual billing code may vary depending on specifics requirements)


Eligible Customers
  • All State Agencies, Boards and Commissions
Service Prerequisites
  • Must be available through SVAR reseller
Scope of Service
  • ASET Responsibility:
    • Work to provide you a quote to procure.
  • Customer Responsibility:
    • Ensure all state, statutory, and security requirements are met.
    • Request assistance or support via the Cherwell Customer portal. Click on ADOA-ASET Service Desk. Select NICUS Support then General Questions.
Service Commitment
  • Response Time: 24 - 48 hours
  • Resolution Time: Dependent on complexity of request
  • Support Time: 8AM - 5PM Monday - Friday
How to order this Service

To order this service or for any questions related to it, please reach out to your Engagement Manager. Click here for a full list of Engagement Managers by Agency. Alternatively, click here to submit a Contact form (select Subject "Engagement Management").